Cavendish Square Prject

The Bird Book

The overall theme for this project was 'Lifted' and hence the inclusion of a bird was obvious.  This intricate and detailed artwork grabbed shoppers attention thereby directing them to follow the signage to alternative access points into the shopping mall.

Bird book sculpture made from old books

Cavendish Square Project

Daisy Fields

A very simple intervention using cool-drink cans handcut into the shape of daisies.  It's not very cool or hip or trendy but the general public loved it and constantly stopped to talk to me about it.  This never happens when you are doing public installation... or at least not to me!

Of all the installations I have ever done in public spaces this one got the most interest from all types of shoppers and staff.  It seemed like everyone could recognise, relate to and understand it - the simple joy in making something bright and cheerful from rubbish.

Recycled tin can flowers

Cavendish Square Project

The Waiting Room

A rather lack lustre lift lobby (with a very slow lift) needed a makeover and a miraculous way to encourage otherwise impatient/frustrated shoppers to relax. Wallpapering with old book pages immediately introduced a sense of calm and this was added to with the green plants suspended from the walls.  Two inspirational quotes about patience added to the reminder to shoppers to relax and not get too annoyed by the ongoing renovations and change to their normal access routes.  

Was it successful?  I am not really sure to be honest. While installing, few customers stopped to chat preferring to rather stare at the lift doors as if willing the lift to come faster.  Rather fascinating (and depressing) study of human nature... The few that did turn around to talk to me where just delightful but the majority were rather painfully disconnected from observing what was going on, preferring to stay in their own small world of what looked like annoyance to me.  

Book page wallpaper and origami flowers

The South African Literary Awards (sponsored by MNET)

The Tree of Knowledge

Each year MNET sponsors a Gala evening for the South African Literary Awards. This event was held at The Table Bay Hotel.  A site specific installation was built in the reception area of the Banquet Hall to create a focal point for guests arriving.  All the interviews were also conducted in front of the tree.  All the materials used where salvaged from the recycling - many of the books being old library books.  

Tree made from old books

The Tree was built around an existing chandelier and placed on top of a table to give it the height needed.  Origami Cranes and horses were then used throughout the venue and on the tables.

Tree of books

Table decor focused on the most beautiful Bonsai Trees with a few Origami Animals and then simple paper holders for the candles.

Origami Table decor

Media24 Team Talk Conference

The Forest of Dreams

Created for Media24 on-site at their annual conference using their over-run magazines and newspapers.  A particularly drab conference venue entrance was jazzed up with the Trees creating a sense of interest for delegates going in and out over the weekend.  The Forest stretched 10m and was up to 3.5m high in places.  Unfortunately the photos do not really do it justice.

Forest of paper made form old newspaper  - Keri Muller

The Forest was then moved to the Naspers Building Foyer for a further 2 weeks.

Paper forest from old newspapers
Newspaper Forest

The Fringe Arts Window (June 2012)

** This shop is now called KIN

A meditation on waste and nature and how linked they are.  Made up of recycled books, found plastic and inspired by Thoreau's quote 'All good things are wild and free'

KIN on KLOOF Window

Curious Passers-by.  Interestingly this window of random things got so much attention.  People would stop and take the time to look closely.

Paper Art window display

Inside the shop was the first showing of the book sculptures made form the rolled books.  The first items I exhibited were the 'Tak Bok' and 'Africa Reinvented'.  Interestingly, none of them sold up until about 6 months later... I now struggle to keep up with the demand.

Recycled Book window display