Book Art

My preferred medium is salvaged books from the recycling or landfill sites around Cape Town.  Pieces vary in size from small pop up books to larger wall hung pieces right up to site specific installations.


I fold simple origami pieces for weddings, events, packaging and general decor.  

Abstract Print - Dance in Blue

Abstract Prints

A new range of work inspired by time spent in retreat from world.


Large Scale installations in public spaces are something I thrive on.  Whether it be my own private work or on commission for a client - anything is possible.  Talk to me about it. 

Popup Cards

Cut from actual playing cards these are a rather cheerful addition to life.


From vintage anatomical designs to more abstract patterns. 


Classic mirrors cut to sizes and shapes joined with lead pane. Careful symmetry of shapes and style ensure a sense of balance. Each piece is hand made and put together with care and consideration.   

Photographic Prints

Personal Photographs from around South Africa with messages and quotes. 

Tactile Things

Rolled Books, just like that, are ideal to look at and roll around in your hands.