Book Art

My preferred medium is salvaged books from the recycling or landfill sites around Cape Town.  Pieces vary in size from small pop up books to larger wall hung pieces right up to site specific installations.


I fold simple origami pieces for weddings, events, packaging and general decor.  


Large Scale installations in public spaces are something I thrive on.  Whether it be my own private work or on commission for a client - anything is possible.  Talk to me about it. 


Greeting Cards, Postcards and Popup Cards all form part of my stationary range


Classic mirrors cut to sizes and shapes joined with lead pane. Careful symmetry of shapes and style ensure a sense of balance. Each piece is hand made and put together with care and consideration.   


Ranging from Photography Prints with messages to Quirky illustrations. 

About Keri Muller

Keri is a maker of stuff. She folds, glues and cuts old paper turning them into book art works and large scale installations, traditional paper origami shapes and more abstract book art pieces. Part of the process includes hunting for books in the local dump and recycling depots and then hoarding the abandoned books (now treasures) until she is ready to turn them into something and give them the chance to tell another story.

Popup and cutout cards, delicate origami paper flowers, cranes and horses, as well as a humorous range of illustrations are all part of her affordable retail range of products. Her Illustrations consist of whimsical drawings and words straight from her imagination and influenced by the behaviours of people she sees around her daily. 

Keri does work on commission for all types of projects. Origami and Paper Bunting for Event Decor has become increasingly popular and Keri can make these items to order (minimum quantities do apply).  Large scale installations for special events, statement decor pieces for your home or office as well as specialist jobs for the advertising industry are also all possible.  This work is all done on request and she works closely with the client to produce what they would like whether it be for a publication, a new product, a corporate function, a wedding or a special gift. 

Her blog acts as a diary for all the things she observes in her day to day life and is a random and rather eclectic collection of inspiration and ongoing personal work. Much of her that does not make it into the public domain can be viewed here